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About The Body Foundation/Key Stage 1 - Science 5 User Licence - £65.00 10 User Licence - £110.00 Site Licence - £140
about the body
A useful pack for young learners to gain some insight into how the human body and how it works. The title includes exercises on facial features and many of the external and internal parts of the body as well as some of its major functions. Activities include labelling, ordering and sentence completion. A collection of colourful screens with speech support, work sheets and open ended 'write about' screens. This title is suitable for both mainstream and EAL teaching and provides a lot of vocabulary relating to both the external and internal parts of the body. Also available in Welsh as Am y Corff. About the Body is designed to give young children a basic knowledge of the main parts of the body and what they do. The wide range of exercises provide opportunities for children of different abilities. Non-readers may move the mouse over text or graphics to hear the words spoken. The screens may be printed to record achievement. There is no information about the sex organs. Topics include:- Simple facial feature recognition activities e.g. which one has blue eyes? Which two have long hair? Labelling activities on the names and positions of the main parts of the body, the head, the arm, the hand and the leg. Simple comprehension activities on what the parts do e.g. which one hears? Which one pumps blood? Information screens on many of the internal parts of the body and their functions with 'hot spots' to seek further information.
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