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About us
EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE FOR COMPUTERS AND INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARDS: Clic is an acronym for 'Cynhaliaeth liwgar i'r cwricwlwm' - Welsh for 'Colourful support for the curriculum'. ClicSoft is based just outside the village of Y Felinheli (pictured right) on the banks of the Menai Straits in North Wales. Gaynor Perry retired from her job as a Science teacher in August 1999 and Clic (now ClicSoft) was established in September 1999. She was joined by her son Thomas in March 2000. ClicSoft specialises in producing Educational Software for the Primary Sector. The software includes 'stand alone' titles and support titles for My World and Textease. All the titles are suitable for PC's and Interactive Whiteboards. With colourful screens, varied activities and a strong curricular link, the titles have been well received by teachers and pupils alike. In our part of Wales, English is an alternative language for many children at school entry. For others, Welsh is an alternative language. Hence, we have always produced software suitable for teaching English as an Alternative Language or (EAL teaching). Designed both to cross language barriers and encourage discussion, the simple child friendly screens are suitable for a wide range of educational needs. Little explanation or signing is required before pupils work through the activities. This is a useful feature for all children, but particularly useful for those with hearing impairment. All ClicSoft titles for the Foundation / KS1 age group except the eSweet Counter Numeracy titles have speech support. The My World titles also have scaling buttons enabling children with visual impairment to increase the size of any moveable text or images. ClicSoft titles come under four headings: The Early Years series - 8 titles The eSweet Counter series - 11 titles The Molecule Series - 5 titles The Textease support tiles - 13 titles available individually or as 3 collections. Most of the Early Years titles and all the Textease support titles are also available in Welsh.
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