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Colours, Shapes and Sizes Foundation/Key Stage 1 - Numeracy 5 User Licence - £65.00 10 User Licence - £110.00 Site Licence - £140
colours, shapes and sizes
A collection of colourful activities to support early numerical skills with bright clear graphics, real speech support, worksheets and assessment records. Choose the right colour, shape or size with these colourful exercises. A choice of ten scanning time delays and 5 tracking speeds, together with worksheets and assessment records. This title has switch access. A variety of activities to encourage early literacy. Clicking on the correct choice advances to the next screen. The self correcting aspect of the software is very gentle with nothing to draw attention to those who find the concepts difficult. They may proceed by trial and error at their own pace. The four main four topic areas are:- COLOURS - Choose the correct colour. SHAPES - How many sides does the shape have? Name the shape. Which shape fits the hole? Which is the odd one out? SHADOWS - Match the shadow to the image. SIZES - Choose the big, small or tall image. Choose the biggest, smallest and tallest image. RELATED TITLE:- CLICK AND CHOOSE - A Foundation / KS1 Early Numeracy title. This title requires Textease to run.
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