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Early Words Foundation/Key Stage 1 - Literacy 5 User Licence - £105.00 10 User Licence - £170.00 Site Licence - £210
early words
A collection of colourful and attractive activities to practise early literacy skills. Early Words is also available in Welsh/English. Activities include recognising initial sounds and letters, alphabet words and alphabet sequencing exercises, completing sentences by dragging images, nouns, verbs or adjectives to the appropriate places, labelling exercises and odd one out activities. The latest version includes worksheets that may be printed or used electronically. There is a useful typing option on the electronic worksheets. Click on the links below for more details. INCLUSION: The screens are uncluttered with little visible text. This reduces the amount of initial explanation / signing required on introducing the screens to pupils with hearing impairment. The high graphic content of the screens helps overcome language barriers. The title is suitable for mainstream, special needs and English as Additional Users. The title has speech support. The activities self-correct. The self correcting aspect of the software is very gentle with nothing to draw attention to children who find it difficult to grasp the concepts involved. The software has step-switch access.
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