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The eSweet Counter Series
The eSweet Counter Series consists of 14 Foundation/Key Stage 1 literacy and numeracy titles and are based on the popular Sweet Counter flash cards of the same name. Please click on the images below to find out more about the individual titles.
eSweet Counter Literacy Titles
CVC Words
Word Worms - Synthetic phonics
Daisy Chains Set 1 - Initial letters
Daisy Chains Set 2 - Consonant clusters
Daisy Chains Set 3 - Vowel digraphs
Daisy Chains Set 4 - Word endings
Fun 2 Level 4
eSweet Counter Numeracy Titles
Bunnies - numbers up to 10
Lady Bugs - numbers up to 10
Owls - numbers up to 20
Penguins - halves and doubles up to 30
Puffins and Pelicans - numbers up to 100
Zillions - digits 0-9
Place Value
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