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Forwards with Science Key Stage 2 Science
forwards with science
A Textease support pack COLLECTION of 7 titles for KS2 Science with activities on most aspects of the Science curriculum appropriate for this age group. CREATED by a former SCIENCE TEACHER, FORWARDS WITH SCIENCE is an extensive resource with 472 activity screens and 1,629 associated files including task, word, information and answer panels together with linked information files. Please scroll down for the video demonstration. Click on the links below to view the individual titles in this collection. Electricity and Power - screens on circuits, bulbs, switches, sources of energy and ways of producing electricity. Forces and Motion - screens on types of forces including magnetic force, gravity forces and water resistance. Green Plants as Organisms - screens parts of flowering plants, photosynthesis, pollination, fertilisation, growing seeds and transport. Humans as Organisms - screens on parts of the body, circulation, teeth, movement, breathing, diet, the effects of smoking and alcohol. Light, Sound & The Earth and Beyond - screens on light and sound, sight and hearing, the earth, moon and planets. Living Things in Their Environment - screens on life processes, food chains, number pyramids, keys, microbes and adaptation. Materials and Their Properties - screens on the water cycle, recognising, grouping and separating common materials.
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