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Molecule: Colours Foundation/Key Stage 1 - Stand Alone
molecule colours
A collection of colourful and attractive screens relating to recognising colours with activities in molecule form. Exercises on matching images with images, words with images and words with words. The exercises help develop thinking, matching, communicating, interpreting and selecting skills and increase vocabulary. The choice of timing the exercises gives a degree of competition. The Open Ended activity allows the images available to be used to create new exercises. 11 colours including red, blue, yellow and green in addition to the exceptions e.g. not red, not blue, not yellow, not green. Please scroll down to view the photo gallery and video presentation. The exercises: Red, Not red, Blue, Not blue, Green, Not green, Brown, Not brown, Purple, Not purple, Yellow, Not yellow, Orange, Not orange, Pink, not pink, Grey, Not grey, Black, Not black, White, Not white. Click here to find out about the different kinds of activities.
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