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Name it/Spell it Foundation/Key Stage 1 - Literacy 5 User Licence - £65.00 10 User Licence - £110.00 Site Licence - £140
name it
A collection of colourful screens with large clear graphics and 14 categories of everyday objects including transport, food, clothing, toys, furniture and house parts. Click on the correct word or drag and drop to complete the sentence in the 'Name it' option. Spell the word in the 'Spell it' option. The words are of random difficulty in the categories option. With three letter and four letter word options in addition to the normal categories, this is a useful resource for young learners to gain confidence in both reading and spelling. A useful alphabet directory within each category enables teachers to select suitable words for the children to attempt to name or spell where appropriate. The Spell It option is naturally more challenging for young learners. The activities are self correcting and may be used for individual or group activities with minimal teacher supervision. The software also includes worksheets and open ended 'write about' screens. The Name it option has switch access. Children should be encouraged to click the mouse on the various buttons and move it over text and images with speech support. The self correcting aspect of the software is very gentle with nothing to draw attention to children who find it difficult to grasp the concepts involved. They may proceed by trial and error at their own pace.
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