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Sort it Foundation/Key Stage 1 - Numeracy 5 User Licence - £65.00 10 User Licence - £110.00 Site Licence - £140
sort it
A collection of colourful screens with clear graphics and real speech to support early numeracy and practice sorting and reasoning skills. The activities include sorting colours, locations, categories, materials and things that e.g. things that move. There is a choice of two levels with ten or twenty images to sort. The completed exercises link to open ended 'write about' screens that may be used electronically or printed. The activities self correct and may be used for individual or group activities with minimal teacher supervision. Children should be encouraged to click the mouse on the various buttons and pass the mouse over text and images with speech support. The software records the score and the time taken to complete a screen. Full marks are rewarded with a gold star. Click here to return to the menu
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