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The Body Foundation/KS1 Science
the body
Part of the Good Foundations series. The Body is a collection of colourful screens to help children learn about the main parts of the body. The title includes labelling activities, simple question and answer responses and information screens. The content and speech support make this a useful title for primary mainstream, special needs and EAL pupils from reception upwards. Exercises include recognising facial features, labelling the main external parts of the body and positioning the main internal organs. In addition there are information screens about many of the internal body systems excluding the sex organs. The facial features exercises include hair, eye and face colour. The labelling exercises include the main external parts of the body and parts of the head, arm, hand and leg. The internal ‘parts of the body’ section includes the position of the main organs and ten 'talking book' screens. The latter provide information on the skeleton, sense organs and other main systems with child friendly topics such as seeing things; breathing; how the heart works; breaking food down and making wee.
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