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Word Worms Foundation/Key Stage 1 - Literacy Site Licence - £30.00
synthetic phonics
Following on from the CVC Words and based on the Sweet Counter flash cards of the same name, Word Worms features 56 CVCC Words (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant, Consonant) within 3 sections: 1 - single worms 2 - double worms  3 - open ended worms  Also has assessment and full speech support.  Word list - lawn, rain, town, girl, feet, boat, moon, coin, night, sort, crayon, found, hurt, read, shows, chews, toys, lies, flag, slip, fluff, block, plug, clap, glass, shrink, scarp, spring, thread, splash, strong, squeeze, trap, crab, grab, drum, brush, press, frog, spell, scan, stop, snap, skin, smack, with, such, this, chin, look, dwell, shop, wish, farm, swim and twin. 
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